SANTI and APRIL – After we decided on having our wedding at Malipano Island, April and I knew we wanted a photographer that would capture the natural beauty of our wedding along with us being ourselves and being natural. After scouring through the many blogs and websites of photographers from The States and from The Philippines, April and I stopped and fell in love with the pictures of some random guy named Bon Aserios and his One Happy Story team. In all of the photographs we were seeing, this wonderfully candid and natural feeling came through. Nothing seemed overdone or edited. Within 5 minutes of browsing the OHS site, April made the call to book Bon and the team immediately. That was in December 2011…and 9 months later, OHS didn’t disappoint. Bon and his crew were extremely easy and fun to work with. Personally, I am not a fan of being in front of the camera but I will admit that this was the most fun I had with having pictures taken of me and my closest friends. According to April, she and her bridesmaids had the same experience; it was natural and she felt confident that Bon knew exactly what he was doing with every shutter click. After seeing the on-site slide show at the wedding reception, we knew they deserved all the wine and booze we could throw at them.

Thanks so much Bon and OHS for all the hard work but making it all look so fun and easy.

LUPE and KRISTINA – What makes One Happy Story stand out among everyone else is their strong passion in what they do. They have a rare ability of making the couple feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera. Our experience with One Happy Story was fun, memorable, and well…. HAPPY!

VAL and AVRIL – I first heard about Bon Aserios from an artsy friend a couple months before I actually went on the drawing board and started planning my wedding. She said this guy’s an artist before he’s a photographer. I looked at his work, liked it, and recommended him to my sister-in-law. Too bad he was busy then so I made sure I booked him waaay in advance. Which I did.

Fast forward to 9 months after, they had become One Happy Story (OHS). What I liked about OHS was their unobtrusive presence (and punctuality!). And for us who weren’t exactly cam-ho’s, we were comfortable with the many cameras around. They are funky, indeed, making you think about funny stuff so your smile won’t look contrived as the camera goes into ‘drive’.

They’re also very professional about deadlines and requests, I super like that about them. We’re very happy about our shots and would recommend OHS to anyone. grin

ERIC and JULIET – When we plan our wedding we did ask for the Gods wisdom and guidance. To guide us in every decisions we will make and OHS was one of our answered prayers.
Mainly I am the who is taking into details in our wedding I’ve seen several portfolios from different photographers. But the time I’ve seen their website and saw the OHS TEAM without a doubt I have decided to have them as our photographers that was a year before our wedding. At the time when we need the final decisions for our wedding suppliers I’ve asked Eric also for his GO signal for OHS without any question he said GO…After his YES I told him why did I choose OHS it is simply because I can see in them a HAPPY TEAM though I haven’t met them but I can feel it.
I am very sure that having OHS will be an overwhelming experience because when you have a HAPPY TEAM of course you will you have a happy heart too.

Yes we did the right choice, during our special day OHS team made us feel so SPECIAL, COMFORTABLE (like a (*_*) model for a day without feeling awkward) and HAPPY.
What I love also about OHS is that very warm and sincere. We are overwhelmed by their wonderful artwork, the best moments were captured perfectly.

The OHS artwork are product of their sincerity and enthusiasm of their work. Keep it up! HIGHLY RECOMMEND…

We can’t thank you enough OHS for a very memorable One Happy Story of our Life.

May God continue to bless you more & more as you were a blessing to us!

SELEDON and MELISSA – I can just remember the time when we were looking for a team to cover our big day and we came across OHS’ work thru a highschool batchmate’s facebook page. Right there and then we fell in love with the their photos and made the decision to contact them. Little did we know that the artist behind the lovely photos was a dear classmate of mine back in high school. Despite their distance, we were determined to have OHS to reunite with an old friend and have beautiful memories for our wedding day. And we did make the right decision. The staff, their personalities, style and workmanship can simply be described as awesomeness!!!

MICHAEL and SAMANTHA – Simple gestures made timeless..that’s how ohs captured the most wonderful day of my life.preparing for a wedding is definitely not a walk in the park,the stress will get you.with bon and the rest of the ohs gang,they were still able to make me look less of the stressed -out bride that i was. smile how they did it, who knows??an act of miracle, maybe..anyway,tnx for the fond memories ohs!total perfection!!! (cue,round of applause) smile

DINNO and HONEY – Hiring a photographer was one of the major decisions me and my husband made prior to our wedding. There are a lot of great photographers in the market nowadays, but it all boils down to what my husband and I wanted our photos to become. Our criteria was just simple, we wanted our pictures to be natural looking and no use of PHOTOSHOP. And it seems that ONE HAPPY STORY had all of these.
We were sold just by looking at their portfolio, it showcased a lot of candid but beautiful pictures, it’s as if the pictures are talking to you. Indeed their pictures piant a thousand words and that’s how we felt looking at them.
Bon and his team had eyes for those special and magical moments that was happening around them. OHS is fun and easy to work with, they even taught us how to laugh thus making our pictures all so natural and evokes a warm and happy feeling.
All we can say is, ONE HAPPY STORY are a group of happy people who really love what they are doing and are really good at it. Keep rockin the world of photography OHS \__/ and thank you soo soo much for snapping beautiful pictures of our wedding.

EDWARD and MERA – I don’t really have to talk about how good these guys are at their craft, the pictures in themselves can attest to that. Things is, I haven’t really personally known the OHS gang . They were referred to me by a cebu friend who also happens to found their site on the net. Our dealings were initially confined to emails and text messages until we finally met on the day of our wedding. It was no easy feat for these guys who had to divide themselves to two teams as I prepared to get into my wedding dress 45 minutes drive away from my groom and imagine that there were only three of them; Bon, Earl and Garry. But these guys are amazing professional photographers. I don’t know how they did it but alas just look at the results of their work. Not only that, we have managed to make friends with them even for such short while that we’ve met. They are really nice and genuine people. You know what they say excellence comes after loving the work one does. Well, you guys will always have my utmost respect. Keep your passion burning wink

NOEL and JADE – “one happy story”(OHS for brevity)—to use the latin phrase “res ipsa loquitor” which in english translation means “the thing speaks for itself” is to aptly describe the satisfaction of service we got from OHS.

I never knew bon& his team until we hired them as our official photographer for our wedding.there were no awkward moments even during the pre nup as they only captured candid wise, they were professional to deal with.the pictures arrived on date and we need not remind them to get our pix as they were the ones who told us that we can already get it.. bon& his team are also fun to work with.

just a tip to those who are getting married:
hire suppliers who are fun to work yet professional to deal with since wedding preparation is very husband would even say that he would rather re-take the bar than repeat what we wentb thru as we prepared for our not hire suppliers who are only good in words but not in deeds as you will end up having more headache and more things to worry about. smile

MIKE and QUAY – when a friend told me to check one happy story’s website, i was blown away…seeing those photos full of love and happiness, it made me decide in an instant that they are the one i’ve been looking for.Actually when i contacted bon about the wedding date, he said that he has a wedding to cover on that same day..but i insisted, and luckily he agreed and formed a new team ( team glasses.. happy much!! smile when i first met Bon during our pre-nup shoot,i was amazed on how he do his job..its really a work of art..i’m not shy at all posing in the camera because he has his own way of making us laugh and feel comfortable, he even taught my husband how to pose and it really turned out well. I must say working with bon and the crew is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! slow clap please…smile you can see how much they love and value their craft just by looking at those photos..that’s what a professional photographer is all about,making your clients happy and satisfied..highly recommended smile

to Bon and the crew, keep up the good work and stay humble..thank you so much for making my wedding day extra is indeed A ONE HAPPY STORY..

God Bless!


what can i say!! the best and one happy story. we booked them like AGES AGO. mga 2009 pa after i gave birth to my son. my husband and i knew that we are going to love bon and his works. and we were never dissapointed. when we decided to push through our wedding this year (0ctober 8, 2011) our first on our list to book was ONE HAPPY STORY! because we wanted to know if he can be available on that date or else we will have to move our date to his availability and our next choice of date. hahaha.. so funny.. we havent even booked our church yet. but we were early in booking with the suppliers. like 6 months before our wedding pa. we had so much fun during our pre nup, and during our wedding day. although i was very ” tarantitat” bonwas very patient with me. he even made me laugh through those times that i was nervous facing the camera! my husband wouldnt want any body else to take our photos during our special day because he knew that bon could capture our real emotions thru fun and just being ourselves. we wanted to have a fun wedding! and that’s what we had! thanks for capturing our special day bon! more power to ONE HAPPY STORY! continue to take wonderful, fun, great and happy pictures!! rakenroll!!!! till next time bon!!


When Luke and I decided to get married it came automatically to us that this has got to be documented well. A wedding is no joke and it only happens once! We wanted to have each moment filled with juicy emotions captured. And there was no other team who can perfectly do it but One Happy Story.

Believe it or not, we booked this team of great artistic photographers before anything else! And by that, we mean before we thought of the church, designer, or even the wedding coordinator. We wanted to be looking at our pictures on their funky and colorful website while listening to the happy beat of “You Make Me Happy”. And we wanted to reminisce each moment smiling from ear to ear. They just got to be the one. When we were able to finally book them, Luke and I sat back and sighed, thinking that this is the beginning of our happy story.

First was the pre-nup shoot done in Carcar City, Cebu with Gary and Bon bringing out the best in them with a mix of craziness to punk up the day. Then came the wedding when we met the rest of the team who we only knew through the pictures in the website. I could never forget the “ahhh” and “wow” uttered by our guests when the slideshow was presented. After a few weeks, out came our pictures and as expected many smiled that day and many sang to the tunes played.

Happy, fresh, and full of personality are some of the words that best describe how One Happy Story photographs our moments. The pictures they take re-live how the real emotion was felt. And this is what every important occasion should have because memories are worth keeping forever.

A big round of applause to One Happy Story for a job well done. We are more than satisfied with their hardwork. And will forever be grateful for making our wedding day extra special. We never doubted you guys. And for those who might be thinking of booking them, I say, GO FOR IT!

RICK and CHRISTY – “Well, I learned about Bon’s craft through my officemate (as her wedding photographer was also Bon). One look at his website and I knew his styles would really suit our “kalog” antics. Further, aside from our kilig “wacky” personalities captured, he also got our “serious” and “emotional” side. Not even I could imagine some poses were coming from me and my husband. He has his ways of making you laugh and act naturally , then getting that sure worth remembering moment freeze in a jiffy. Indeed,he did make pictures worth looking all over again. Thanks Bon for sharing your ingenuity and spontaniety! I know you’ll come a long way but not too far away though so we can book you again. Thanks a lot!!!!!”

JOHN and APAY“it’s no exaggeration that i trust no other photographer than Bon Aserios. Raw talent and professionalism are a given, but what makes Bon a personal favorite of mine is his energy and his ability to put people at ease (i think mainly due to his goofy grin and weird antics.) 😀 but more importantly, I value his capacity to re-invent his craft. working with bon is never work; it’s so much fun you’d wish life could always be lived in photography. :)” – Apay –

SAM and KAI I was browsing through the internet for CDO-based photographers when I came across Bon’s website. I immediately found the pictures interesting and impressive. The way the pictures were alive and very candid amazed me, aside from the fact that his style matched both mine and my husband’s personalities. My husband and I are not very typical. We’re not the stereotype working-in-a-hospital-serious people. And we both wanted our wedding to be out of the ordinary. We wanted every detail to be fun. And when we saw Bon’s work, we knew it was him. Just like that. No other choices. No rough decisions to be made.
We think the documentation part of a wedding is the most important- photography and videography alike. And so a photographer was the first supplier we searched for. We immediately contacted Bon, seconds after browsing his site, and set an appointment. When we met finally met him, we were both impressed. He’s not the stuck-up, arrogant type. Not at all. He was simple and very down to earth. We asked about stuff. And after 5 minutes of discussing payment modalities, etc, we booked him. We even told him he was Divinely-appointed. And just as we said, we knew he was the one for us. Just like that.
You know when they say you have to be at ease with your photographer? It wasn’t difficult at all with bon. And that was the nicest thing about having him as our photographer. Never saw him without that big smile on his face. Our prenup pictorial was a hassle for anyone. We had to go to far places. And my goodness, it even rained hard that day. Even our sunrise wedding was a hassle (they dreaded the 2am call time). But, mind you, he still managed to take the most perfect pictures. It was exhausting, just to be our photographer. But bon didn’t show even an inch of exhaustion during those days.
Bon, (and company) thank you so much for being our “photo person.” Up til now our friends keep on looking at our pictures. We even want to paste every picture on our living room wall. You have made a story out of our photos. You have captured every single moment. Up til now, your work keeps on reminding us of how beautiful our wedding day had been. You had indeed been divinely-appointed. God had made our wedding beautiful. And you were able to capture that beauty.

P.S. By the way, we even asked him if he could be our “official” family photographer for life, and he readily agreed! No buts, no ifs. Just like that. 🙂   -Sam and Kai Galorport-

MARKY and BANGS“My heart is filled with gratitude that God has given me the opportunity to meet onehappystory. Thank u guys!! thanks also to everyone who liked our photos, i owe it all to onehappystory.. thank u very much onehappystory esp. Bon for sharing your talents and making our big day a very special one. We will really be ur walking endorsers. mmmmph,thank u for making us always comfortable and real.. i always appreciate ur professionalism, ( though, ur not really serious, u let us enjoyed the engagement and wedding day shoots) thank u very much Bon..thank u onehappystory!!!! more power and God bless..” – Bangs –

“…To everyone out there who is contemplating to get married, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND OneHappyStory to document your most precious day. They will never fail you and do even more than your expectations. I could never stop thanking Bon Aserios of OneHappyStory for the job very well done!..” – Marky –

CED and JUZ – “Bon Aserios? One Happy story? hmmm..hehehe.. It’s more of all play no work with them. All pictures taken by Bon & one happy story with us spelled out FUN for us, our guests and relatives. Our pictures from pre-nup to the wedding day showed how it is to work with them. I recalled during the pre-nup photo shoot , ton2 tried to wear Bon’s new camera sling and partly teared it apart. All of us laughed so hard including Bon. .hehehe.It’s cool to be with these guys. They can make you feel like you’re friends for a long time..
For me that’s very important in choosing someone to take your pictures because when you’re being photographed, it should bring out the best in you. Bon has IT! He listens and have fun with you like there is no cam shooting all around and later beautiful photos are taken. Precious Moments not missed one bit.. Bon was right when he told us that we will not regret working with him. Indeed! 🙂
Our pictures are really a work of art. Simply tooked but a picture taken by Bon is timeless..”  – Juz –

KRIS and DOTTIE – “FUN is an understatement if you work with a professional photographer like Bon Aserios. It’s UBERFUN! Not all photogs set the kind of mood like he does: relaxed, carefree, comfortable, on cloud nine. This leads to generating beautiful funky pictures and happy satisfied clients. Projecting infront of the camera was never a grueling experience with him. It’s always a happy moment worth treasuring. As I recount Kris and I’s first rainy engagement shoot and stormy wedding day, i felt relieved that Bon was smart enough to always have plan B. Others would have given up but he didnt. Nothing can get in his way in capturing beautiful photos. It was challenging but he still did great in his craft. Kris and I are more than glad and grateful to have Bon as part of our special day- and for more special occasions to come. ”

“Thank you Bon and more power!” – Dottie –

SHERWIN and CHING– The first time I saw Bon’s blog site, I was really impressed by his work and by then was convinced that this guy is something different. He’s different because he is an ARTIST who can do a lot of things… (Just see it for yourself). He is also young, very friendly and accommodating. Bon is without doubt a gifted person who is brilliant in his work. The pictures will testify for themselves!
Our prenuptial shoot was a little bit out of time because we started late and we don’t have people who can help us, but we were so amazed with the results. Bon is just so natural and creative. He will use what is there and what you have, and turns it into a stunning – one of a kind thing that is priceless.
We have a great time with Bon as our wedding photographer and would definitely cherish his work forever. Not only that, no matter how many times we scan again our pictures, we can still feel the excitement, the fun and above all the love… it’s all because we were caught by a sharp shooooter!
We will definitely recommend him to anyone planning a wedding in the future. Thank you Bon and your team for doing such an incredible job 🙂 -Sherwin

Hi everyone, Thinking about using Bon? I highly recommend him!! He did an amazing job of capturing every special moment of our Wedding Day. I don’t remember seeing him often, but I know his around because he captured angles and areas that were unbeknownst to us. You could see his mind racing as he thought of creative, unique poses for us.

He was professional, prepared, and had an easy-going nature that made everyone feel comfortable. We and our friends and family were very impressed with how beautifully Bon captured the special day.
Thanks for sharing your passion with us!! You’re the BEST 🙂 – Ching

CHING BERGADO Kuya Bon’s an artist… ^^ He’s artistic abilities is seeded from the mind and the heart.. Had been referred to him by my debut’s coordinators and he had proven to be a wise choice indeed.. 🙂 Love his work then, and when i had a look of his work on mine, amazed at how he made me look… 🙂 fresh, fun, happy even vibrant… ^^ really bring out the “you” and your “youth”.. @.@ haha… Being an artist, he does not stop on photography. you should also see his published works (comics) on Xavier University’s Crusader before… totally cool ! and his imaginative thinking and art on spruce. Bet some of u guys seen it ^.~..
Anyways, chatter chatter chatter… dont take my word for it ^^,. Let all his works do the talking for you ^^… Check it out ^^ peace… ^-^