After spending a long time of thinking and conceptualizing, I have decided that I will not be using my own name (Bon Aserios) as my business name anymore. Instead, I considered making another name that generalizes my team’s work ethics, our personalities, our style of photography and our relationship with our clients. It was a beautiful accident when I bumped to one of my friends who is currently a manager of a yogurt store and also has a gift in conceptualizing good business names, so I asked her to help me out with that area. After so many names conjured, one struck me the most: ONE HAPPY STORY.

The three words mentioned above just fell into place with this business name. ONE, as a team we work harmoniously and just try to be in-sync with our creative ideas. HAPPY, we are always happy! We always want to create a feel good ambience during our shoot which makes our clients comfortable – a very important factor in taking good pictures and portraits. STORY, as wedding and portrait photographers, it is our job to document your wedding and just let the photographs tell the whole world about that one special moment. ONE HAPPY STORY, we make sure that you are as happy as we are.

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